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Will You Save Me?
By Ali Khalid Abdullah,
Sept. 8, 2006

i am drowning in my mind
trying to find the door to peace.
but peace isn't here
and it isn't in the sky.
there's just the anarchy of fighting and tears,
crying, like a baby's cry.

you, mr. know-it-all
with your twisted nuclear smile
aiming your missile fingers at me,
trying to intimidate me with your murderous inhumanity,
your sins of global threat
your stench of kapital aggression,
your market that causes world hunger ...
you cannot dominate me.

my soul is for the people
my rage is not at those you call faggots,
crackers and hillbillies,
lazy niggers.
my hate isn't for those you puke on with corporate soot,
my knife doesn't ache to stab the neck of the working slave.

no, my aim is to stomp the brains out ...
and to drink the poison of your greed ...

i am not coming to repent,
i am not begging you,
bending over for your political dildo,
or opening my mouth to praise your lies.

so know that you cannot save me,
you cannot buy me,
you cannot harm me.
the only people who can do that are
those whom i ask to...
whom i ask, WILLYOUSAVEME?

You may contact Ali Khalid Abdullah directly by writing to him at:

Ali Khalid Abdullah, #148130
Mound Correctional Facility
17601 Mound Road
Detroit, MI 48212

Ali Khalid Abdullah has a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science and is
completing a Master's degree in Political Science. His political and
humanitarian involvements are many. Ali Khalid Abdullah has dreams of seeing
the world united, without war, hunger and poverty. He wishes to contribute
to making the world a better place for all inhabitants, including animals.
He aspires to be a good human being and hopes to be a good husband and
father one day, and to reach out to many people. He hopes that we can save
our planet from global destruction and preserve a livable future for the
millions of babies that are today coming into the world. He would like to
see people shake up the current political stranglehold on the world's
economy, and to eradicate capitalism so that all people's basic material
means can be met. He aspires to destroy all elements of imperialism, racism,
sexism, xenophobia, and acknowledges that accomplishing this will be a long

You may contact Ali Khalid Abdullah directly by writing to him at the address listed above. The following link offers tips for writing to prisoners:


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