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A Prisoner’s State of Mind
By Fred Tuitasi,
July 7, 2006

1) Life is full of madness. If you allow it to flood your senses, you are doomed.

2) Good decision makers adapt their strategy to the demands of the specific situation.

3) Creative people are flexible in their thinking. They step back from problems, turn them over, and mentally play with the possibilities.

4) Before you can solve a problem you must develop an accurate understanding of the problem. If your representation of the problem is flawed, your attempt to solve it is also flawed.

5) In the face of indifference, you never lose your sense of the good that one person can do for another.

6) You have people who are knowledgeable and those who are intelligent. Both combined into one forms a powerful potential force.

7) Not everyone shares the same concepts and opinions, nor do they like the same things. This should not create animosity.

8) Never underestimate your ability to overcome hardships. By doing so you become a statistic of failure.

9) In the crazy world we live in, one must be mentally alert. By being unaware you open yourself to deception and fall victim to chaos.

10) Negative thinking feeds on negative thinking because it throttles creativity and invites destructiveness into our lives.

11) When unpleasant situations land on us we typically respond instinctively, without taking time to consciously or deliberately evaluate the situation.

12) It is the inner eye that really sees this world.

13) Embrace life no matter how gloomy it may look. It would be a mistake not to.

14) Inspiration has no set schedule.

15) When we are displeased it becomes much easier to criticize and condemn than to understand.

16) It is frequently easier to find fault than to find praise.

17) The judgments we make of others depend not only on their behavior but also on our interpretation of the social situation.

18) Similarly, people usually find it more rewarding to strike up a friendship with someone who shares their attitudes, interests, values and experiences.

19) Most human problems stem from other humans.

20) Beware of those people who always find fault in minor things.

21) Faith is never misplaced in those people who you trust most.

22) The best elements of individual minds and hearts are blended together to form a solid foundation for a common purpose.

23) The deepest element of human nature is the desire to be important and accepted by others.

24) Seeing no divisions between people on the basis of race, class or creed equals unity, justice and peace.

25) When you perceive someone to be unlike the people in your group you mentally place that person at a greater social distance than those people who are in your own group.

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