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Who am I?
By Kamaal Q.M. Deen,
Sept. 13, 2006

I am a Black Man
The Forgotten, the Despised
The Reflection that permeates distrust.
The Under-Appreciated,
The Alpha and Omega.

I am the Passion of Womankind?
That Drink of Life,
Loved and admired for my strength.
Yet despised for my Hue,
The mirror portrays
Society berates
Me ...

This poem was inspired by all of the strong Black men who have walked in the Shadows of Darkness, but it is dedicated to my stepfather, Johnny Shannon.

My name is Kamaal Q.M. Deen. I am a convert to the Life of Islam, and a Muslim in the service of Allah. I enjoy reading and writing poetry. My duty as a Muslim compels me to be a mentor to Humanity. I also enjoy learning about different cultures, so I love reading in general. Indeed, the criminal justice system has opened my eyes to the daily injustices throughout the country. I do my best to stay focused and humble in the eyes fo oppression. I leave as I come, in Peace.

Kamaal Q.M. Deen, #78833
Arizona State Prison, Complex Yuma
PO Box 13006
Yuma, Arizona 85366-3006

You may contact Kamaal Q.M. Deen directly by writing to him at the address listed above. The following link offers tips for writing to prisoners:


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