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In the Garden
By Kelly Watts, Prisonersolidarity.org
March 6, 2006


There are no words to describe how much you really mean to me.
You are the rose that stands out beyond anything
in the garden.
Your beauty cannot be measured,
as there's nothing to compare it to.
For there are no equals in the garden
that ever come close to you.
It seems you stand alone, as if the others
gave you room to display yourself
as the only flower.
The flower that has the shape, the color,
and the blossoms with a fragrance so alluring
that they leave their admirer in a trance.
For only G-d knows your purpose
in the garden you enhance.
You are the only flower that I have chosen to pick,
the only rose that's in the garden,
delicate enough without a thorn to prick.

Kelly Watts is a native of Kansas City, Mo. He writes: "I write to define how I want to live life. Prayerfully, we could share our experiences through an interchange of communication. I look for a deeper smile inside another's thoughts. It gets really lonely in here, especially when you lay down with your own thoughts. I walk in the prison yard alone, mostly because I want to talk with God and get close to nature. I am presently writing a book entitled, The Beast Within, which regards the things I've personally experienced and seen over years of incarceration.

Kelly Watts, # 35401
Azim Hassan Jahaar
11593 State Hwy. 0
Potosi Correctional Center
Mineral Point, MO 63660

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