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"He never let them break his Spirit"
Book review of Kunta Kenyatta's "Life after Life"
by C. Red Horse Driscoll,
Oct. 15, 2006

Greetings to all you readers. I just finished reading a 43 page book written by a good friend and fellow Prison Reform Activist former Ohio State Prisoner, Kunta Kenyatta ( I've been locked up since 1992 and can recall very vividly what the system was like back then.

Yea, I call guys like myself and Kunta Kenyatta "prisoners", because that's what we were called when we came in back then. The system has changed greatly silence then, and continues to place "labels" on human beings to further degrade them as much as possible. When we came to prison we were called "Prisoner", somehow that changed when they decided to make new ID's and convert to Computer Systems, then the term "prisoner" was no longer used, they began "labeling" people as INMATES. I still haven't figured that one out, I've been down since 1992 and have had no "Mate", nor have I seen a co-ed system in Ohio. Now the degrading term of "Offender" is what they're labeling human beings who come into the system now.

I found Kunta Kenyattas book to be very informative. I also feel that every prisoner/offender in the state should read a copy of it, so they could make a positive re-entry into society upon release. Brother Kenyatta's book is very inspiring and most prisoners will relate to it. The trial and tribulations of "Life In the Joint" and the responsibilities that are thrust upon a prisoner when released are spoken about in this book and how he's dealt with all these responsibilities in a positive manner and continuing to do something in the way of positive Prison Reform through his activism in organizations such as CURE-OHIO, Prisoner Solidarity Group, his active participation in Prison Reform Conferences and News Media airplay are to HONORED, RESPECTED and ADMIRED.

Here's a guy that came into the system at the age of 18 years old and had 30 years facing him. He was in some of the toughest prisons in Ohio's system and never let them break his Spirit, but used his experiences to help others. That's what it means to have courage. I've read everything he has written since he started writing concerning Prisons and Prisoner issues. As an activist myself in Prison Reform, I can attest to how hard things can be for those of us who speak out, or help others. Nonetheless, we help anyway.

I am and was more than "HONORED" to sit and talk with Brother Kunta Kenyatta, at the Marion Correctional Institution a few weeks ago, because I "KNOW" what he's been through, and to see him walk back into the system in brotherhood to discuss with me Prison Reform issues, well... all I can say is, I'm HONORED to have this opportunity to write this book review. I would suggest more copies be circulated throughout the system. If you haven't read it yet, Contact CURE-OHIO for your copy as soon as possible. His writing is very personal and most inspiring.

THANK YOU Mr. Kenyatta for writing such an inspiring book.
-C. Red Horse Driscoll

C. Red Horse Driscoll, A 261789
Marion Correctional Institution
P. O. Box 57
Marion, Ohio 43302

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