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Karon EastIt's the Rosa Parks in Me
By Karon East,
Jan. 1, 2006

Ms. Rosa Parks taught us the true meaning of self-love; she taught us that Black is truly beautiful and it will shine if we would only stand. She also taught us that it's not our words that speak the loudest and get the attention, but it's our action behind the words that defines who we are.

Black is beautiful

Ms. Parks demonstrated an unselfish love for generations to come, answering the call to confront racism and oppression while risking her life for our civil rights. Ms. Parks paved the way for human rights which are due to all -- not just for some, but for all -- of God's creatures. She made it known on the bus, on December 1, 1955, that Black Is Beautiful.

Rosa Parks made it possible for Aretha Franklin to sing about respect -- and get it! Ms. Parks, a soft-spoken and dignified Black Queen whose quiet strength was remarkable, should cause all of us to pause, reflect and give respect, gratitude and admiration to her for allowing us to be the beneficiaries of her courage, in a time when segregation and discrimination was a steady diet for Blacks; and when lynching, beating, cross-burning, and raping of black women were the order of the day for those who were nonconformists.

Black is beautiful

Rosa Parks taught us that you don't always have to stand up for every cause, and you sure don't have to get up if you are sitting down.

Black is beautiful
It's just the Rosa Parks in me.
Is she in you?

Karon East, #28041
P.O. Box 640
Leavittsburg, OH 44430
Karon East aspires to be a friend, counselor and motivator to people who have disadvantageously found themselves a victim of crime and the criminal justice system. She wants to be an unresting voice advocating on their behalf, in order to try to right some of the wrongs they've suffered. And now that she has evolved and know the true meaning of life, love and happiness, she also aspires to be the best mother and grandmother a child could have.

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