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Think About It
By Marritte Funches, Prisonersolidarity.org
Jan. 20, 2006

These people have got to be crazy.
Just look around at all the madness going down
and people pretending they don't see it.
Corrupt judges and crooked cops
killing my people in these filthy streets.
Young Blacks and Browns
murdered and wrapped up in plastic sheets
watching our mothers and littles babies cry,
another case of justifiable homicide.
These people have got to be crazy
pretending they don't see it.
Corporate controlled politics and sick ideologies
leading the whole world to its destruction
dumbing down our children
generation after generation
to the point they can't even function.
And if you're not trying to change
what's going wrong
then you're probably part of the problem.
So what are you doing
besides criticizing and complaining
lying to yourself and everyone else?
How many hypocricies do you hide inside
          -afraid to face the truth?

Marritte Funches, #37050
P.O. Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301


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