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Black Mirror
By Adam Spells,
Jan. 16, 2007

They as in them,
him is who we only tend to see when we point.
Then point out the fact
that my reproductivity has been ceased for a year,
another year, plus 4 years,
so that I can no longer produce a soldier
to stand up and fight.
I find myself in a constant state of analization,analyzing
the struggles of my ancestors who came before me.
Those who have created the road less traveled.
Hard work!
I am me, theoretical, ingenious,
curious of the whos and whys.
Past tenses, but presently wondering
how I speak with such a loud voice to
so many empty seats...
Cold hearts and restricted black men.
If you feel youve ever risen,
that time has come to rise again
Past and beyond the laid out adversities
of acceptance,
never regretting the extra step, or should I say
the last step that should have been taken to introduce
You and We, to another step forward.
Into the beautiful and luminous lights of Peace.
At least, momentarily.
But youve chosen. And I took the road often traveled
with over-cracked pavements,
selling crack to and amongst black babies
who lack, maybe,
the development of positivity
because of your feeble dreams of sounds,
fast cars and speakers,
instead of listening to the speaker speak
of the disasters of your actions.
All of the decisions made
before you even knew that you didnt know you.
Oh misguided one. Selfish one.
Though Ive sometimes been misquoted in my creative
efforts to dismiss
the durance of our youth.
You sit quietly in denial, knowing the harsh truth!
You are a contributor to our demise!

Adam Spells # 472-679
PO Box 57
Marion OH 433011-0057

I have been incarcerated since Sept. 8, 2004 and have 2
to 4 years left. I have been a writer since my early teen
years and have recently found a passion for more profound
writing, like poetry.

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