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Letter of Rage
By Ali Khalid Abdullah,
March 16, 2007

This is a letter of rage. It is well past the time that we opened our eyes, that we stopped being bullshitted, brainwashed, and placed in a socio-political cage, and learned to take back our power. I refer to the power we relinquished to the political structure in order to become a so-called "developed nation," while other brothers and sisters in the so-called "third world" live and die off of the crumbs that kapitalist/imperialist nations throw off of their tables.

The time is over for Black and White hate. We must stand together and realize that we are being played - played by monopolizers who want us to hate one another, and to fight and kill one another, while they exploit us and our labor and potential.

The time is done for allowing the enemy to dictate to us who our brothers and sisters are. All this propaganda pushed upon us about immigrants taking our jobs and bringing down the Amerikan dream is a lie. A big fat racist lie. Our immigrant brothers and sisters aren't bringing down nothing. They were long ago brought down by the white power superstructure that has used and exploited them and their land to make profit and gain power over the rest of us. The truth is that our immigrant brothers and sisters have never been the problem. How can a starving and economically deprived people be the root of any problem?

The problem is with those who exploit, those who spread racist propaganda. The problem are the kapitalists who think of no one but themselves. We have to stand outside the lying hype vomited to us by their news media and the sell-out politicians -- Democrats and Republicans, alike.

Start looking outside of Amerikkka. Start learning about Afrika, Asia, Latin Amerika, the former Soviet Republic and throughout the Middle East, and see who is suffering. See who is being deprived. See who is being seriously exploited, dying of thirst, hunger and disease. Learn about what is really going on before making biased comments about other people.

Look, this letter isn't written to sugarcoat or play, in some politically correct language. I'm trying to blast you with some real shit. I'm trying to inspire you to check out some things, and if I have to use profanity in order for you to stop in your tracks and look at what's happening, so be it. We need to build a controlled and organized rage for resistance, to the status quo.

Is everything that we have made at the cost of someone else's suffering to provide it? Do you think that your cell phone was made without others' suffering? All cell phones, computers and anything that has a chip comes from a substance found in a particular mud in Afrika. Its called Coltan (the colloquial Afrikan name for columbite-tantalite). Coltan is the driving force for us to have cheap access to these products.

Look at the bling-bling (ala jewelry) so many people have, or seek. The people who slave their lives away to get these diamonds and gold can't even feed themselves. Why not?: Because of greed, political manipulation and media savvy. I call upon all of you who say that you're tired of exploitation, racism, homophobia, sexism, and ageism. You're tired of being treated as worker-slaves. You're ready to feel the rage! To feel the hot-blood rush through you and raise your emotions, to jump up and FIGHT THE POWER STRUCTURE!

Ali Khalid Abdullah
Muskegon Corr. Fac.
2400 S. Sheridan Rd.
Muskegon, MI

Ali Khalid Abdullah has been incarcerated since 1990 for taking action against a known drug dealer for the sexual molestation of an 11-year-old girl, because her mother owed a crack debt. Abdullah was ambushed, shot in the chest, and left for dead as a result of street information circulating that he was going to deal with the perpetrators. After recovering from the hospital, he sought to attack several businesses the drug dealer owned as fronts for selling drugs. Abdullah and friends confronted the employees, and discovered that they did not know what was going on. They left without taking any money, or causing any harm. But Abdullah was arrested and sentenced to 6 ½-20 years for "Assault with Intent to Rob While Armed." He has been denied parole since 1996, and discharges in July 2008.

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