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An Appeal for Advice
by Enrique Akil Diaz,
Jan. 10, 2007

I have an earnest concern that I'm certain is worthy of your comment. Namely, why is it that when people try to change their lives of evil into lives of righteousness that friends ask them what's wrong?

We've all had some kind of religious experience. My life is far from perfect, but without God it would be worse. I have come to know that there is no such thing as escaping the Divine Law that governs this earth, the Law of Justice. To tell the truth, we may be able to
hire a good lawyer, or to lie our way through a trial and escape the courts of this world. But perhaps later someone will shoot us down, claiming we had a weapon, and the judge will rule that it's justifiable. We might leave the court with a grieving heart and perhaps shoot
that person in a foolish minute of conflict, before returning home to act as if nothing happened. In the larger scheme of things, however, there's a consequence for every deed.

Pastors today speak of the goodness, the mercy, and the love of Jesus Christ, but they are a little slow in preaching the chastisement of God through Jesus Christ. That is something we should be concerned with. I am especially grateful to God for reminding me about what
happens when a person tries to swim against the current, and live from the outside in. I am an inmate at a correctional facility. And the Lord has a way of putting us in a place to heal that changes our lives. Through suffering, we learn wisdom. It opens our minds to all that is hidden inside us. I finally made it to this shore, and it was worth the journey.

I want to conclude by leaving this impression in your mind. If you visit or write the prisons, you should know that many inmates are here not because we are bad, but
because circumstance came up in our lives which lead to such. A cruel fact of life is circumstance. The majority of circumstances dictate the course in life that we take.
Circumstances dictate our choices. Right or wrong, good or bad, these life-altering decisions - like mine - are made everyday.

This is an appeal to you for sincere advice. I am 36 years old, have no dependents (no children, no wife) and I will be paroled in a few months. I know what I don't want to
do, but I am unsure of what steps I should take next. Your suggestions are needed and welcomed.

Enrique Akil Diaz # 1249219
Rte 1, Box 150
Tenn. Colony TX 75884

Please contact Enrique Akil Diaz at the above address.

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