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Baby! Let Momma Kiss Your Pain
By Mary Uloho,
Jan. 13, 2007

Baby girl! Momma can feel your pain,
From this cold and dark prison cell.
My thoughts and heart are with you,
Right there in your room!

I can't make all your pain go away,
Can only imagine what you are going through
Especially today.

All I can say or do is pray.
Oh! Allah please, please, please
Allow me to kiss my baby girl's pain.

There was no way of knowing,
When I left that fateful day,
I'd be gone or a long, long time - prison got in the way.
When the judge said, "25 years," it was not for play.

Baby, let momma kiss your pain.
Looking through the bars, wondering where you are,
Watching TV? Playing in the park?
Or is it in the rain for a walk?

Baby girl! Don't be sad or blue.
Momma loves you!

Don't hold your head down, looking at the ground.
Your Momma is homebound. Hold your head up.
Let your spirit soar to the sky.
Allah, keep an eye on my baby girl, as you hold me...real close too.

Baby! Let momma kiss your pain.
I hear our voice calling through the tears you shed.
"Momma, momma, please come back home!
Why are you gone for so long?
You have a daughter that needs you--more then you'll ever know!
You're the only one that understands my laughter and tears.
Just to hear your voice would dearly ease my pain."

Baby! let momma kiss your pain.
My time will be up very soon. I'll be there before you know.
And then it'll be about me and you.
I'm sorry I missed your first day of school, your menses and
graduation too!
Sorry, I'm not there for you.

All that hurt, pain, and turmoil can't compare to my daughter's
From the first day my jouce started.
My love for you is never far.
Each time the pain enters your heart, just remember who ... you are!
You're the "ONLY" daughter of this Muslim woman in prison.

Everyday I pray...
Oh! Allah, please allow me to kiss my daughter's pain.
I promise under your wing I'll stay!
Dear Lord ease all my daughter's pain away, if for only for one day.
Baby, Baby, Baby girl, close your eyes, and -
Let Momma Kiss Your Pain!

9.01.06 - My daughter's 14th Birthday!!

Mary Uloho 464534
PO Box 26
St Gabriel LA 70776

Maryam Uloho is an Ohioan who lived in Dayton (and has
children there). She is doing time in Louisiana for a
crime she did not commit. If you'd like to write to her,
please include a pre-embossed stamped envelope in your
letter to the above address.

The following link offers tips for writing to prisoners:


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