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By Kamau Tebogo Zulu Damali,
June 9, 2007

Revolutionary Black Man,
Hungry for Freedom.
Hasn't eaten
In 400 years.

Stomach screaming,
Yearning for
Mama Alkebulan's
Lush green land.

Sipping ancient water
From the Nile River,
Sprinkled upon Earth.
To resurrect the dead.

His hope shattered
Like a broken window
In an abandoned building.
His anguished heart
Echoing the thunderous cries.
Of 2.2 billion hungry children.
No one seems to hear them,
But him ...

He has an axe to grind
With a voracious hippo
Named Corporate Amerika.
That's getting fat
Off the backs of poor people.
Creating unemployment, crime, imprisonment...
Creating misery.

Like a sad soul with no home.
Like life without living.
Like struggle without hope.
Without a glimmer.
Just a bitter bottle of anarchy.
Revolutionary thoughts poured
Into a gloomy sea of non-existence.

Send your correspondence to:

Kamau Tebogo Zulu Damali #279380
Wisconsin Secure Program Facility
P.O. Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805

Kamau would like Prisonersolidarity readers to know that he has written two books and is looking for a progressive publisher. Please contact him at the address above if you are interested. Previous writings archived in the Commentary section of the Prisonersolidarity website ( attest to the vivid voice of this talented writer. Kamau relays that he was with Ohio residents in spirit when they rallied against the death penalty at the Ohio State Penitentiary on Martin Luther King Day. He wishes the best to Siddique Abdullah Hasan, the Lucasville Five, and
all who are in similar situations, "as they struggle against the yoke of the death penalty and the prison system simultaneously." Kamau thanks everyone for campaigning on the behalf of oppressed prisoners, and helping him and other prisoners to share their voices with the people.

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