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Invitation to Write for Prisonersolidarity
Prisonersolidarity ( was founded in 2006 as a catalyst for communication between prisoners and people on "the outside." The long-time prisoner advocates, Staughton and Alice Lynd, are part of the Youngstown Prison Forum that inspired the forum. Wrongfully convicted death-row inmate, Siddique Abdullah Hasan, is also a co-founder of this initiative. Prisonersolidarity runs a website and an email discussion group, with the aim of creating an Ohio-wide and international network of people who are concerned with prisoners' rights and prison alternatives. In the past year we have co-sponsored conferences and vigils. Our subscribers are a dynamic mix of former prisoners, loved ones of prisoners, social activists, grassroots media, and concerned members of the public. Prisonersolidarity publishes recent news and research, and features original essays and poems written by prisoners, family members, and activists. Prisoners who write for us receive copies of their publication (and other recently published essays), as well as feedback and letters of support from readers (who are encouraged to write to them). Their essays, in turn, help us to educate the public about issues and concerns of interest to prisoners in Ohio and across the United States. To subscribe to Prisonersolidarity, send a blank email to:

Submission Guidelines
Submissions should be no more than 2,000 words (roughly three typed or four handwritten pages in length). We accept essays, poems and artwork on philosophical, political and social topics that are of importance to you. Published pieces are permanently archived to our website and are circulated to an email discussion list. We do not accept material that has been previously published. We encourage our readers to write to inmate contributors. However, we are not a pen pal service. Have something to say? Please send your contribution to:, P.O. Box 422, The Plains, OH 45780 or email us:

Download Submission Guidelines (Microsoft Word Format)


If you'd like to contribute letters, articles, artwork, or educational materials to this website, please contact us at:
P.O. Box 422
The Plains, OH 45780
OR to:
[email protected]