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Speed Bumps (From Ohio Death Row)
By Vernon Brown,
April 17, 2007

There are times in life when we are given "divine messages." When we've traveled on a beaten path, these messages come in many different forms - through words, actions, and images--sometimes all at once. We tend to look past the calling, to ignore it, or not recognize it, because we're going too fast. Doing too much. We may hear, but we don't listen. We seek with impure motives.

Whoever really stops at a stop sign? Most of us only slow down. If life were truly like a dance, we could cut off the music, or put on tunes fashioned to our taste. Some of us would still dance too fast. No rhythm.

It seems that, in life, we only go too fast. Speeding through episodes. Snatching all we can on the way. The words, actions, and images fly by in a blur. Do we see? Do we want to?

For those of us who can't see, or don't want to see, God has "Speed Bumps." Ever speed over one of those? Didn't speed over anymore, did you?

"Speed bumps" vary in size. Some are small, but they still get our attention. Others are large and may cause major damage, shaking us like a pit bull does its adversary once its jaws are locked on.

I've had those small "Speed Bumps" thrown in my path. Kept going. Then, that large speed bump was put out on the road.

This current episode is that "Speed Bump". Impure motives no longer drive me. I now walk slowly, and am proud to walk.
For my walk is with the Lord. Amen

Vernon Brown 482-002
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd
Youngstown OH 44505


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