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The Internet site serves as a catalyst for communication between prisoners and people on "the outside." It publishes updated research, news, opinion pieces and educational material from activists, writers, prisoners, and the concerned public. is a movement that grew out of the Youngstown Prison Forum. In the last decade, Ohio has had one of the largest per capita growths in prison spending in the United States. And in the rustbelt city of Youngstown, a growing (state and federally funded) prison industry has parasitically fed the economy since the steel industry's collapse. While we're based in Ohio, Prisonersolidarity also incorporates a discussion of national and international trends. We invite contributions from around the U.S. and abroad, and especially encourage submissions from prisoners, and from people wishing to discuss how their communities and families are affected by the prison industry. What are your views and concerns? Make your voice heard.

Who we are

Angela Jancius is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Ohio University. Her dissertation was a study of unemployment politics in Leipzig, Germany. Having grown up in inner-city Baltimore, Angela's engaged interests revolve around poverty and community sustainability in urban contexts. In Ohio, she is particularly concerned with the link between unemployment and incarceration.

Siddique Abdullah Hasan is a prison Imam, a skilled writer, and a compassionate mentor and friend to fellow inmates. He was placed on death-row for his alleged leadership role in the 1993 Lucasville rebellion. The riots occurred shortly before his scheduled release. Hasan maintains his innocence. His case has found widespread popular support, but is nearing the end of appeals.
Daniel Sturm is a German journalist who covers under-reported social and political topics in the United States and Europe. From 2004-06, he was a faculty member in the Journalism program at Youngstown State University. After recently moving to Athens, Ohio, he has returned to full-time writing. Some of his work can be found at

Laurie Hoover is a resident of Canton, Ohio. Laurie volunteers is an assistant editor for Prisonersolidarity, and also a board member of CURE-Ohio (Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants), where she is organizing a much needed Ohio-based prison pen pal project.

Kunta Kenyatta is an activist, organizer, writer and ex-felon. He spent 16 years in Ohio's maximum security prison system. Already an activist while incarcerated, upon his release, Kunta continued his prisoner rights activism upon his release. Today he is a member of CURE-Ohio's Board of Directors, and an ex-prisoner who's experienced "The Struggle" from both ends of the spectrum.

Saadiqah Amatullah Hasan is an activist and poet out of Toledo, Ohio. She does work throughout Ohio with the Campaign to End the Death Penalty while supporting and increasing the awareness on her husband's case -- Siddique Abdullah Hasan. Saadiqah assists with prisoner essay submissions for Prisonersolidarity and she has recently joined CURE-Ohio. Her continued efforts are to work towards prisoner rights, abolishing capital punishment and building the "Free Siddique Adullah Hasan Coalition."

Want to contribute to the cause?

Prisonersolidarity is a grassroots initiative run by a dedicated volunteer staff. Follow the link below to make a $15 donation and become a prisonersolidarity supporter. Your contribution supports Prisonersolidarity's distribution of materials at public events, and helps us to send materials to prisoners at no cost.


If you'd like to contribute letters, articles, artwork, or educational materials to this website, please contact us at:

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