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It Ain't Easy (a song)
By Damone "Monebone" Johnson,
Jan. 3, 2008

Chorus: It ain't easy at all when you trapped behind these walls
Non-contact visits and just 10 minute phone calls.

Verse One:
Life behind bars separates boyz from men, weak from strong
All a brotha's got is his balls.
23 hours a day they got me locked in a cell
Watching the Tyra Show on t.v. till they pass out the mail.
I'm going thru hell.
Shit gets hard before it gets better.
My broad's trippin', been a month since her last a letter.
I don't know what's going on
But I can't wait to get home.
Every number I dial, they got a block on the phone.
It's breakin my heart, the system's rippin us apart.
My sister died by surprise the beginning of March.
Tell me how I'm supposed to cope with all this pain when I'm angry.
The system labelled me a threat, but it's the one breeding the hatred.
I'm seeing this fake shit.
Don't ask me what's the reason I'm racist.
Just put yo feet in my shoes and see what I'm facing.
Everyday I gotta struggle, it never comes easy.
I'm tired of being 'round these niggaz, a lot of em sleezy.
I'm off the heezy.
Lotta niggaz be reading just to pass the time.
Don't wait til you doing life to say you done doing crime.

Chorus: It ain't easy at all when you trapped behind these walls
Non-contact visits and just 10 minute phone calls.

Verse Two:
I did six years, every day missing my freedom
Ain't nothing slick bout being away from yo people.
Yeah, I'm a thug, but I'm keeping it real, the slammer's a bitch.
Either you messin with a fag or got your hand on your dick.
I know, it's sick.
But that's the shit you go thru when you bidding.
And it hurts more, cause your best friend's snitching.
A lot of shit be going on, you never hear or see it.
But it blows your fucking mind how many people got their secrets.
Don't burn up all your bridges, you gonna need em in prison.
Some brothas never getting out and some almost thru with their sentence.
And then there's a block full of people who are sex offenders.
I know a brotha on death row who's supposed to die any minute.
I get thru by minding my own business.
Behind these bars you either strong, or they prey on your weakness.

Chorus: It ain't easy at all when you trapped behind these walls
Non-contact visits and just 10 minute phone calls.

Verse Three:
Every nigga in prison's got potential, everybody ain't stupid.
And just cause a brotha got convicted don't mean he's crooked.
I know a lot of dudes in prison that are really gifted.
Never got a chance to make it, but from hooping to pimping.
They be the best in their business.
Life's real here, and that shit on t.v. is scripted.
I've been thru all the drama, niggaz screamin and hollerin
When I'm stressed I write raps to help me deal with the problems.
I'm keeping it poppin.
My partnas get the last in my pockets.
It's all about remaining loyal when you get locked up.
I'll never take his spot, my role model was PAC.
I know it's crazy but prison's like college.
A lot of people come to jail and end up accumulating knowledge.
Inside my cell I'm doing push-ups till my muscles are solid.
Can't wait till this shit is over and I'm back in the projects.

Damone Johnson #426753
The Ohio State Penitentiary
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd.
Youngstown, OH 44505

About the author:
Damone "Monebone" Johnson is a prisoner at the Ohio State Penitentiary. He's a 23-year-old and from Cincinnati, Ohio, who has aspirations of going into the music industry. Mr. Johnson has been in prison for six years and has consistently been trying to better himself. If you wish to correspond with Damone, he would welcome your mail at the above address. If you are involved in a community group that helps ex-prisoners to avoid recidivism, or if you are affiliated with a radio station, recording studio, or in any way with the music industry, Mr. Johnson would be extremely honored to hear from you.

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