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Youngstown Prison Forum
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Keynote Address by Attorney Staughton Lynd:
Lucasville was Ohio's 9/11

"The Lucasville events matter because they did so much to create the mindset with which Ohioans have come to regard maximum security prisoners as 'the worst of the worst.' Lucasville was Ohio's 9/11."

New prison advocacy group formed:
Loved Ones of Prisoners (LOOP)
Theresa Lyons, Janice Conway and Ruth Group, members of the newly formed Loved Ones of Prisoners, shared their feelings and stories about what it's like to have a son or grandson sentenced to death. Inmates condemned to death were moved to Youngstown earlier this year; prisoners are still sent to Lucasville for the actual execution.

Call for action:
Silent vigils near Ohio State Penitentiary in Youngstown
Loved Ones of Prisoners announced that two silent vigils will be from 2 to 3:30 p.m. July 16 and 23 near the Ohio State Penitentiary on behalf of inmates scheduled to be put to death.

Youngstown Prison Forum Photos
June 10, 2006

Beeghly Hall, Youngstown State University
TEAR DOWN THIS WALL: Kunta Kenyatta, a former Ohio State Penitentiary prisoner and panelist (right). Alice and Staughton Lynd enter the prison cell exhibit.
All photos by Daniel Sturm,
Janice Conway & Ruth Group - Loved Ones of Prisoners (LOOP).
PRISON CITY USA? Youngstown has one of the densest clusters of penal institutions in the country.
Theresa Lyons, Loved Ones of Prisoners.
Documentary film on the situation at the Ohio supermax prison in Youngstown.
Ruth Group, Loved Ones of Prisoners. Outside the wall.
Theresa Lyons, LOOP; Angela Jancius, YSU Anthropology; Ruth Group, LOOP.
Jeff Gamso, Legal Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio.
GETTING IN/GETTING OUT: Kunta Kenyatta, CURE; Summit Academy Middle School students Aaron Patton & Ashley Taylor; Hannah Foster, YSU sociology student and Summit teacher. Audience discussion.
LUCASVILLE IS OHIO'S 9/11: Keynote address by Attorney Staughton Lynd. Angela Jancius, YSU; Laurie Hoover, CURE Ohio.